blslarner (blslarner) wrote,

Birthday fic for GreyWonderer, Shirebound, and LavenderTook

For Grey Wonderer, LavenderTook, and Shirebound for their birthdays.

Cue 26: The teacher


Exhausted, Pippin dropped his practice sword with a loud clang onto a nearby bench. “I will never master this thing!” he declared, his voice full of discouragement.

“Nonsense!” Boromir returned. “A week ago you barely knew how to hold that blade properly, but today you went through your practice moves perfectly and withstood fifteen minutes of swordplay with me. Look at how much you have learned already! Do not make the mistake of expecting to be perfect with no real practice as yet.”

Reassured, Pippin wiped his face and again lifted his sword as he’d been taught.

I will learn!
Tags: boromir, lotr fic, pippin
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