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What have we done to ourselves this time?

For those who voted for Donald Trump, all I can do is shake my head. You let yourself be ruled by emotion to the point of voting as a result of the fear he has raised in your hearts rather than rational care for the future of anyone, much less our nation. I wish you the joy of your choice. I am heartsick to have a conman of his caliber in charge of the United States of America. After all, he took lessons from the playbook of another infamous world leader of some eighty years ago and follows in the footsteps of Lotho Sackville-Baggins.
For Febobe, GamgeeFest, the_Arc5, and others for their birthdays.

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Birthday fic for Dreamflower2 and others

For Dreamflower and others for their birthdays, and for Linda who again issued a challenge I couldn't resist.

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Birthday fic for Elvses

For Elvses for her birthday.

Cue 30: Misunderstood

A Query

“Mithrandir, what of Narvi, whose name was inscribed on the doors.”

“Narvi, Legolas? Little enough. He was a Dwarf of Khazad-dûm who was befriended by the great Elven smith Celebrimbor, and together they wrought the doors and bespelled them to open at a word, as you have seen.”

“But, how could a Dwarf find himself working willingly with an Elf? We have little trust for one another.”

The Wizard gave a sad smile. “It is the fault of the Shadow that the two races are now sundered. Like Finrod, Celebrimbor honored Dwarves as equals.”

Legolas sighed. Could he honor Gimli?

Birthday fic for Inzelbeth-Liz

For Inzilbeth_Liz for her birthday.

Cue 29: Wrongful accusation

Discord Sown

“But, my Lord Father, this policy will hurt many innocent people!”

“Do you believe my judgment faulty, Faramir?”

“No! But we would be ill advised to commit to a law that would be a hardship to so many.”


After the Council was dismissed, one minor lord lingered. “Why does your son repeatedly argue against you, Lord Denethor, and undermine your authority?”

Three times in the last year had Faramir countered the Man’s suggestions, demonstrating that they were self-serving and against the best interest of the realm. But still the apparent defiance was unwelcome.

Boromir would not speak to me so.

My birthday mathom for this year.

My birthday mathom to all for 2016.

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For Lady Sherlockian and Lame Pegasus for their birthdays.

Cue 27: A legacy of a trunk.


The trunk given him by his uncle was of a rare, aromatic wood that Aragorn had never seen, even in Rivendell. “It is said this was brought to Middle Earth from Númenor by Elendil himself. As Isildur’s Heir, it is now yours.”

Filled with wonder, the young Man lifted the lid to see what keepsakes his forebears had sought to safeguard within it.

Within he found documents, journals, a set of pieces for Kings and Castles carved of ebony and ivory, and a rattle that brought back memories of the house in which he’d dwelt with his parents.

“I remember!”
For Grey Wonderer, LavenderTook, and Shirebound for their birthdays.

Cue 26: The teacher


Exhausted, Pippin dropped his practice sword with a loud clang onto a nearby bench. “I will never master this thing!” he declared, his voice full of discouragement.

“Nonsense!” Boromir returned. “A week ago you barely knew how to hold that blade properly, but today you went through your practice moves perfectly and withstood fifteen minutes of swordplay with me. Look at how much you have learned already! Do not make the mistake of expecting to be perfect with no real practice as yet.”

Reassured, Pippin wiped his face and again lifted his sword as he’d been taught.

I will learn!

Birthday Fic for Rhyselle and RS9

For Rhyselle and RS9 for their birthdays. Continuing with prompts from B2MEM 2009.

Cue 24: Quote from another book. “Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis.

A Feast of the Spirit

Elessar and Faramir left the village Master’s hall with fixed smiles on their faces. “Have you ever heard such pessimism in your life, my Liege?” Faramir asked sotto voce.

Aragorn shook his head. “Seldom, I must admit.” He nodded to a group of boys playing about a nearby stream. “Not for them the Master’s worries,” he noted as one lifted a makeshift spear, a fat trout upon its tip. “They do not starve their spirits, at least!”

His Steward’s face brightened. “Indeed, they are not infected with the Master’s despondency. They at least are finding the joy of the day!”
For Linda, who issued the challenge; and for Lily_the_Hobbit, Cairistiona, Ellynn_Ithilwen, ArmarielRozita, LilyBaggins, Ansostuff, and Ysilme for their birthdays.

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